Who we are

Chic Patty is a team of 3:


Viv has a chronic disorder that people would commonly diagnose as shopaholism. She has a penchant in shopping not just in brick and mortar stores but also in online shopping.

An avid cafe hopper, she makes it a point to explore cafes whenever she travels.




In the hectic day to day living, Deb seeks her balance and comfort in food and retail therapy. She subscribes to the saying “whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to shop”.  Some crown her as the cream of the shopaholic crop ( and yes, did we say we are proud of her?).



IMG_2205 (1)

Via finds her happiness in a cup of tea. She also has a love for travel and weirdly attains fulfilment in the entire process of research and planning, going on the trip, experiencing a foreign land with her heart and then blabbering to her friends about her travel stories when she comes back home (regardless if they are keen to listen).