20F Specialty Coffeehouse

My cafe hopping buddy SC came back to Singapore for a short visit and together with another friend, we went for …what else but a little cafe trip.

Matcha Green tea cake $5.80

Matcha Latte

Flat white

I didn’t try my friends’ matcha latte and flat white.

Expresso Kalua Waffle (S$12)

Expresso Kahlua sauce, buttermilk waffle, dark chocolate sorbet, vanilla bean ice cream, streusel, pistachio.

Waffle was not crispy enough outside. Very average tasting waffle to me.
Dark chocolate sorbet was more of an ice cream texture than a sorbet’s but that’s fine. My friend and me find the dark chocolate sorbet too sweet whilst SC found it acceptable.
All of us liked the streusel bits scattered on the waffle, which provided a nice crunch when we ate with the soft ice cream.
The expresso Kahlua sauce was unfortunately non-existent in the taste at all. My coffee loving friend seemed a little disappointed.

Very Matcha (S$8)

Matcha sauce, Matcha cake, vanilla bean ice cream, pistachio.

Awww…see the matcha cake drenched in the matcha sauce! Perfect for matcha monster like me!

Cake was soft, fluffy and moist with a strong taste of matcha. The matcha cream in between the layer of cakes was also not too sweet.
Everything was beautiful!

Do try the matcha cake/dessert here! Apart from the matcha cake, I’d like to try some other items next time.

Oh..and I have to mention about the washroom which is unfitting for a nice cafe like this. I hope they renovate the washroom someday.


20F Specialty Coffehouse

20 Foch Road

Singapore 209261

Closed on Monday. 10 am- 10pm



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