Afternoon tea at Nobu- Hong Kong

I’ve had a very satisfactory meal in Nobu Perth (read HERE for review) and now, Japanese style afternoon tea? How cool! Even when my schedule was tight, I struck off a couple of afternoon tea places just to slot in this one.

It was a gloomy and foggy day but nonetheless, the view was somewhat therapeutic. One can only imagine the beautiful scenery on a bright clear day.


The fanfare. Dry ice effect and the air was scented. It was a sensory bliss even before we started eating.

We ordered the Simply T- Set. HKD328 for one, HKD528 for two.

My floral matcha. Matcha with the delicate osmanthus flavour was LOVE.

The hub opted for strawberry matcha…which was like a dollop of strawberry jam topped with matcha. Rather artificial taste.


SC’s Shoga Matcha..which is ginger flavoured. This was recommended by the hostess and was indeed pretty nice.

Our Japanese high tea set for 3 people. I’m not going through every item but overall, I like the afternoon tea!! This is one of the better afternoon teas I have had so far (whether in Singapore or Hong Kong).  There was also a good mix of savoury and sweet items. Having seen much of salmon finger sandwiches, egg mayo finger sandwiches served at most afternoon teas…this Japanese style afternoon tea was a refreshing break and a novelty.

IMG_5722    IMG_5721

As with all afternoon teas, there are bound to be hits and misses with so many items being offered. But most of the items in this tea session agree with my tastebuds.
Admittedly not the cheapest afternoon tea around but I feel that the food, the service and the ambience somewhat justifies the price.
Will I go back again? A resounding Yesss!
Not a michelin starred restaurant but thus far, I’ve been happy with Nobu.
The hostess say that they change their menu every season…so yah, why not a second visit to try out different items??



Intercontinental Hong Kong

18 Salisbury Road

Check out the Nobu Website for details.

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