Hello Kitty Obrigado- Macau

I stumbled upon this shop and like a little kid who unintentionally uncovered a stash of tidbits hidden somewhere, I was ecstatic and couldn’t believe my good luck.

In all honesty and nothing but the truth, many times I have clarified this to people,  I’m not a Hello Kitty fan..I’m not a Hello Kitty fan.

But but, the spell is cast whenever I see cute looking food. I go cray cray! *facepalm*

I wanted to buy a little of everything! It’s ok, who cares about the taste?? A pack of these mini kitty cookies costs MOP68 (MOP being Macau Pataca).

Macarons were MOP28 for a pop.

Like a girl in a candy shop, I was filled with happiness, squealing, ahhing and oohing…exclaiming: so cute so cute!

The hub deserted me in the Hello Kitty shop because according to him, he needed to hunt for dinner but I think more likely, I was a disgraceful sight. Sigh..


Hello Kitty Obrigado

Travessa de S. Domingos 5-7A

Edf. Pak Hou. A R/C Macau

(it’s located off the Senado Square. Facing the Senado Square from the main road, Kok Kei Bakery is on your left, Hello Kitty Obrigado is on your right, in one of the small lanes).

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