L’occitane cafe (Macau)

Overlooking the Senado Square, housed in a row of shophouses and with the L’occitane retail shop below, sits the L’Occitane cafe on the second level.

When I saw the verbena tea in the menu, the decision was obvious. Verbena is the the L’occitance scent which I have been intoxicated with (I have the perfume spray, the home spray and I just bought a facial mist).

Just a whiff of it, I felt so relaxed already.. (*MOP 36 per pot. * Macau Pataca)

The blueberry Yoghurt Smoothes (MOP40) was pretty refreshing as well. I thought it was better than the one at Pacific Coffee Cafe in Hong Kong (which was lovely too!) but the hub felt otherwise.

Pistachio and salted butter macarons (MOP20 each). Macarons were average on the whole…but the pistachio flavour was pretty nice.

I succumbed to the staff’s persistance in recommending me this Apple crumble with ice cream (MOP48) which was a winter special.

Mistake. Wrong Choice. It was awful. Every part of it…the crumble, the apple bits in it, the taste, the ice cream. Boo..


L’Occitane Cafe

1/F & 2/F, 29 Largo Senado, Macau

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