Kyo Hayashiya (京林屋)- Hong Kong

A dessert place that hails from Japan.
This was not in my list and was a spontaneous suggestion from SC when we passed by. I have no objections at all, in fact I was more than eager to try because guess what I saw? Matcha, nuff’ said.



The Hayashi Assorted dessert that also comes with a pot of tea (to be chosen from selected tea list)- HKD98

The trio of dessert include: matcha warabi mochi in a sweet brown syrup, a scoop of matcha ice cream and shirotama-Zensai (red bean with mochi dumpling).
Everything was lovely although the red bean borders on sweet for me. My vote goes to the warabimochi.

For the tea that came with the set, we chose Sencha infused with grape flavour.
It was refreshing and definitely a mood lifter. All of us gave the thumbs up to the tea!


This…oh this…. the Hojicha snow mountain (HKD98). Finely shaved ice with condensed milk, hojicha syrup (I think) and a scoop of Hojicha ice cream!

This snow mountain comes in a BIG portion. Do not attempt to order this for one person unless it is your exact intention to collapse from food coma. Share this with at least someone else. Less is more really.
The Hojicha taste was strong and I like it this way. My only complaint was, by the time you eat through the mountain of shaved ice and gets to the centre/middle, it gets a little plain because there was no condensed milk and syrup anymore.

Matcha soft serve with jelly (HKD58). This was pretty good but was not the best matcha we have tried in this trip.

The total bill was HKD280.

This dessert place is worth checking out. Thanks to SC for this little gem.
If I am back to Hong Kong , I will check out this place again. There are other interesting items to be sampled. In fact, just the tea alone is beckoning me back.


500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay

Shop 603-604

6/F Hysan Place

Sun-Thurs: 11.30am-10pm

Fri-Sat: 11.30am-10.30pm


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