Via Tokyo- Hong Kong

As a hardcore matcha fan, I’ve been wanting to try this popular dessert place on IG, known most notably for its matcha desserts.

I first visited Via Tokyo with SC for supper while the hub and the tiny people were in lala land.  Don’t you mommies just love girls’ night out..well, at least once in a while? I could chat with my friends without interference from the small beings who decided they must, at every crucial point of my conversation let their voices be heard. I could leisurely eat in peace and take in the vibes of the cafe without having to watch over the small beings dropping a dollop of ice cream on their pants or squeal at them the nth time not to wipe their mouth with the back of their hands and then hurriedly rummage through my bag to hand them a tissue paper. Phew..

And I’ve digressed.  Back to the food.

Trio of matcha softserve, gyokuro genmaaicha (combination of a more expensive grade of green tea and roasted brown rice) softserve and hokkaido milk soft serve. This has mochi dumplings and red beans. That yellow splotch is a chestnut.

The minute I ate the gyokuro genmaaicha (the one in lighter shade of green), I was smitten..that distinctive full bodied aroma of matcha was mesmerizing and I was dizzy with happiness. Everything else in that waffle bowl pales in comparison.

So unforgettable was that taste that I was determined to bring the hub on another day to try and I too, had to eat this again!

Ice matcha latte which was ordinary.

On my last day in Hong Kong, my insistence paid off. Despite the very tight schedule, I tirelessly and swiftily cut through the thick crowd at Causeway Bay with the hub and tiny people in tow to “pay a pilgrimage” again.

That cup of gyokuro genmaicha on the left was pure delight. This other cup of hokkaido milk with mochi on the right was average. I should have just ordered two cups of the same goodness. This was voted unanimously by the hub and myself as the best matcha ice cream we have tried in this trip.

On Wednesdays, they do not serve matcha desserts and only the rest such as Hojicha etc.


Shop nos. 1A-1B, G/F, Leishun Court, 106-126 Leighton Road

Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Sun-Thurs: 9.30am- 10.30pm

Fri- Sat: 9.30pm -11pm

Another outlet will be opening in Tsim Sha Tsui, so I’ve read.


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