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The first time I ate Hong Kong street food, eggettes (鸡蛋仔) was in Singapore. A friend told me an eggette stall had opened at the basement of Bugis and said it was pretty nice.
Not one to resist good food,  I eagerly headed to try with another group of friends.
Verdict? It was awful. The taste was very bland. It was not just me but my friends and I literally stared at each other after our first bite..wondering what was so nice about eggettes??

So, when I was told I NEEDED to eat eggettes when I was in Hong Kong. I brushed it aside.
Very fortunately, on a spur of the moment while we were walking on the streets, SC remembered there is an eggette place and brought me to try.
The rest as they say is history…I’ve been “eggetted” (鸡蛋仔-rised) since.


Oddies (no seating..just for takeouts) cleverly combined the street food of eggettes with italian gelato, making their eggette dessert so popular these days. Go search for them on IG.
SC and I tried the basic eggette (with no ice cream) and the waffle smell was lovely! The egg waffles was also crispy outside and chewy soft inside. How could something so simple bring so much joy? It was a lovely winter night when both of us walked to our dinner venue, eating the warm eggettes. It’s simple joy like that which leaves fond memories in your life…

Be warned. The eggettes are highly addictive. Eat at your own risk.


Oddies Foodies

149 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

CLOSED on Monday.

Tues-Sun: 1pm to 10pm


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