I cremeria- Hong Kong

I’ve never been a fan of parfait. Too complicated (and usually too sweet) for me but weirdly, the parfaits I’ve had in Hong Kong were pretty acceptable to me.
SC’s choice of Yuzu Matcha Anmitsu Parfait.

Lovely…very refreshing with the Yuzu. The matcha softserve however could not match up to the Gyokuro Genmaicha softserve at Via Tokyo.

My tea set- Matcha Tea from Kyoto and Daifuku.

The Daifuku looked very different from the poster. The taste was also meh.
The tea was the saving grace..nevertheless, this tea set was overpriced at HKD45.


Shop F-9, 1/F, 11-19 Great George Street

Fashion Walk, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Mon-Sun: 11am- 11pm

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