Fook Lam Moon (福临门)- Hong Kong

Michelin one starred cantonese restaurant (per 2015 guide).
We went to the branch at Wanchai.

Everything we had were satisfactory but nothing really wowed us.

The only impressionable items to me were the cha siew sou (BBQ pork pastry) and the claypot rice.

This must have been one of the better char siew sou I have eaten where the pastry crumbles and melt in your mouth and the BBQ pork was not too sweet.

Very strangely, only the rice was cooked in the claypot unlike the usual claypot rice where the rice and ingredients placed atop of the rice were cooked in the claypot together.

The ingredients were separately prepared and served on the side.
So you add what you want into the rice, drizzle the dark sauce, mix it up and eat.

Ta-da…my DIY claypot bowl.

The preserved meat were all toooo hard. However, there was something magical about the combination of the plain claypot rice and the dark sauce. I could eat it just like that and I had nearly two rice bowls of it. *burp*

The bill came up to HKD847 (meal for 3 adults and 2 kids).


Check out their homepage for details

Fook Lam Moon


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