Mad About Sucre (3)

You probably know by now. My favourite cakes are from Mad About Sucre. Read here for the previous two visits (Mad About Sucre 2 and Mad About Sucre 1 )
Sometime back, when I knew they launched some tearoom savoury items and new Autumn cakes, I immediately dragged Deb and another friend, Fel to the place.

Portobello mushroom with cheese. All of us loved this!

Pan seared foie gras with apricot compote and french mustard sauce. Foie Gras does not have that pronounced gamey taste and for someone who has never tried foie gras, Fel approved of this!

After our light dinner. The exciting cake session starts!
Vent de Fleur: Light cheese with hazelnut crunch and berries fillings.

Those yellow dots are supposed to resemble fallen autumn poetic, no?
This is very light and delightful.  While it is pleasant, I’m more in love with the rest of the cakes. I didn’t go wow with this cake.
The cake was paired with the french apple and spanish ginger tea which was the tea previously paired with last season’s cake, Moon of Honey.

Amour. Yuzu with white chocolate cake!!!

Love this beautiful citrusy piece! Maybe I am biased since I am a Yuzu fan.

This was not paired with tea but with a drink, that has ice cubes made from tea,  with a dash of Himalayan pink salt and then left swirling in sparkling water (from the alps no less).

I’m not liking this drink a lot since I don’t really like sparkling water.

The last cake we had was Montage Du Neige: chestnut, caramel and rum cake. My favourite cake of the night!!!

Thus far, the chestnut cakes I have tried either lacks chestnut taste or has the chestnut taste overwhelmed by the sweetness of the cake. This chestnut cake surprises you with bursts of caramel and rum taste.  Bravo!! I want to have this cake again!

This was paired with the beautiful tea of honeycomb, chamomile and mangosteen. Love both the cake and the tea! I wonder if they sell the tea separately???

Favourite cake place with lovely friends, it was indeed such a bliss albeit the rushed pace of eating. We started much later than our reservation time and the next group was waiting for our table. Or rather, I was the one late and the two friends had to wait for me to star the session.

Well, what was I to do when I had to settle work issues before rushing over? After all, that job pays for my cake bills you know? We broadly term such helpless situations Sigh.

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