Travel: Osaka – What to eat in Osaka

Before my Osaka trip, I’ve already penned down some food lists which I need to try during my trip.


Three items which I have listed as my must-try. They are:

  1. Kushikatsu
  2. Okonomiyaki
  3. Takoyaki




Deb and I chanced upon this Kushikatsu outlet when we were shopping at Shinsaibashi.


Cute comics on the wall..


We placed our order through the touchscreen.. Glad that they have their menu in English.


Our order was delivered to our “station” – Tennoji.

What a coincidence as our table name happened to be the same station at our hotel. ??


Each stick is priced from ¥120 to ¥240 for the ala carte order.

They do have sets available too. We ordered the ala carte instead as there are meat in the set while both of us only eats seafood.


Dip at your own risk. You are strongly to dip in the sauce once (do not dip more than once) as it can be quite salty.


We have also ordered the toasted onigiri which was really yummy!! ??


Ooh La La… the mentaiko stick is so so good ??

Our bill…. As you can see, it’s mostly seafood hahaha ?? This restaurant is pretty tourist-friendly as they have menu in English.


You can also choose to sit at the counter where you can interact with the kitchen staff if you speak Japanese. Just be aware that your hair will very smelly after your meal though ???


Here’s a mug to hold your used sticks..





We do have Botejyu outlets in Singapore but I haven’t got a chance to try it. I’m glad that my first was given to their main branch at Dotonburi.


This main branch of Botejyu is pretty easy to locate. Simply look out for the Giant King Crab at Dotonburi.

ぼてぢゅう 總本店/道頓堀



We were pretty lucky to be seated just after about 10 mins of waiting despite no reservations made.

Hello Kitty X Botejyu collaboration T-shirt!

One of their popular choices which was really good!!


Next is the modern style seafood Okonomiyaki which has noodles instead.

Highly recommended! ?


Some add-ons which you can put on top of your Okonomiyaki..


Aww this is so good!! ??



They pre-cooked our order at their kitchen first before serving to us..




We have tried a few Takoyaki, this stall at Dotonburi seems to be the best. Unlike those that we eat in Singapore where you can hold the whole Takoyaki in one piece with a toothpick, those that you can find in Osaka, those which are really good ones typically are very soft.


It’s pretty impossible to hold them in one piece.


Some other good food which we also came across….


Crab Feast

かに道楽 本店 (Kani Douraku)


Here’s the addy! It’s at the iconic big crabby place. Very near the Glico Man.

Do come early to reserve a slot first.

Dropped by last night around 8pm and was told that they were full house, and advised us to come before 7pm.

Boiled snow crab ??

Close up ?

Snow crab legs sashimi – omg, this is so sweet! ??


Grilled snow crab which was uber sweet!??


Look at this.. Argh ???


King crab chawanmushi which was pretty awesome as well!


And this, I know it looks really gross but this is really the bomb! ?? You gonna agree with me if you are a big fan of crab roe.


Assorted king crab maki and sushi.


Their service are impeccable as well.

Though our umbrellas all look the same (Mostly from daiso I guess lol ?), they kept our brollies according to our table no.


Cabinets to keep our shoes according to our table no as well.

They will prepare our shoes and brollies when we are about to leave the restaurant.



Gelato Pique Cafe Creperie
Chuo-ku, Osaka Shinsaibashisuji 1-7-1 Daimaru Shinsaibashi Misekita-kan 6F
10:00 over 20:30 (eat-LO 20:00)


We stumbled upon this pretty cafe in my current grey hues.

Feels so happy just by looking at it.


Spoilt for choice.
Pique Latte and iced pique latte



We ordered one savoury and one sweet one to share so that both of us get to try both and not overeating.

Wanted to leave our stomach for some snacks.


The savory one which both of us enjoyed.

The price is pretty reasonable too. ¥1188 and add ¥313 for a set to include a drink.


And the sweet one, crepe with pistachio ice cream, so yummy!!


Love their merchandises as well!


This is so so cute!

Seems that our order is a popular choice.


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