Secret Garden

I’ve been fighting off the urge to buy this for weeks….I’ve taken it off the shelf a few times, each time staring at it and then replacing it on the shelf.

Then dang! They had to do a Korean version. How easy, just slap on some korean words and I’m sold (cheated).

According to a friend,  a character in the Korean drama, The Producer, was working on this colouring book. I didn’t watch that show though.

This is a colouring book (not your typical kids’ colouring book) with intricately drawn pictures by illustrator, Johanna Basford. It is also a treasure hunt book with pictures of animals hidden in the pages.

Secret Garden is the first book of Johanna who has since come up with the Enchanted Forrest and Lost Ocean.
It has been said that colouring could be a form of de-stressing activity. Interestingly, I have also read a report that suggests some people may end up more stressed when they see the large intricate pictures that have to be coloured!

I was attracted to it because of the beautiful pictures and I’ve seen people posting how amazing a coloured page could turn out to be. De-stressing was not so much my motive to try this.

I started off telling myself, I’d just colour a few leaves for fun since I had some other work to accomplish. BUT..

I ended up colouring more and…

MORE..and more..

till I completed one page!

Was it therapeutic? I did start off feeling stressed up over other issues and by end of the colouring session, I felt better because the colouring took my mind off my problems. So perhaps, it did work??!

I’m raring to colour another page….

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