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When my cafe hopping buddy, SC suggested a tea session after the farewell dinner (as we are speaking now..she has already shifted to Hong Kong. *sob*),  she asked if it would be too much of food for that night. You see, I’m biased..we are talking about Mad About Sucre, not just any cakery. If you had read about my earlier entry, you would know that I adore this place and there was no reason I would say no to her suggestion!

Some of the reasons why I have a soft spot for this cakery are that:
1) They pair tea with the cakes much like how some places pair wine with  food.  I adore tea a lot and it has a special place in my heart. Some places serve nice cakes but they neglect the tea. Too often, after having some lovely Japanese meal, the whole experience falls flat, marred by a cup of mediocre or lousy diluted green tea that is being served. Restaurants do not seem to realise how important the accompanying cup of tea is to complete the dining experience.  Even though the guy at the cakery casually mentioned that tea always plays a supporting role. I wholeheartedly don’t agree. I sometimes crave to eat a certain food item because I want to drink a certain type of tea (thinking they would go well together). But at least, Mad About Sucre accords some importance to the tea.

2) The cakes are not cloyingly sweet because they have deliberately cut down on the sugar. You’d think that is a given. How not true! There are still a lot of cakes out there with copious sugar added, that threatens to send my body into a state of sugar shock.

People do not realise that desserts don’t have to be very sweet! When I tell people I like to eat cakes, they assume I have very high threshold for sweet stuff. In fact, I abhor eating overly sweet stuff! This place…this place…they make my cake dreams come true.


That night, the 4 of us had 4 cakes with 4 pots of tea.
1) Coco Citron: Light coconut mousse, light lemon curd, sugar crystals, sablee tart.

Such a beautiful cake…the picture does not do justice to it! It has sugar crystals atop which looked like shattered crystals, all glittery under the light in the display counter. It was a captivating sight.

SC chose this and honestly, I was not looking forward to it initially. She likes those “lime-y, lemony” tart stuff which are so not my thing.
First off, I hate tarts. They are usually so hard to cut into with fork and too hard to bite into as well.

Secondly, I don’t like sour stuff. The key lime pie she introduced at PS Cafe had me grimacing with each bite. It was so sour, I was struggling to keep my eyes from squinting. On another occasion with her, I didn’t like the lemon tart she  ordered as well. Thus far, I really have no good experience with citrusy tart. They are the last thing I would choose alongside with carrot cakes, hummingbird cakes and chocolate cakes.

So I already decided I wouldn’t like this right from the beginning.

But unexpectedly, the coco citron worked its charms on me and turned me into a fan.

The lemon curd was NOT sour. It was very light and pleasant, paired harmoniously with the smooth and delightful coconut mousse….I was a convert. I didn’t even get annoyed with the desiccated coconut which I don’t usually like. The tart was also not hard. This must be the BEST lemon curd tart I have tried. No wait, this might be the ONLY lemon curd tart I would like. The rest I have tried are either Too sweet or too sour ( I repeat, I hate sour stuff, ’nuff said).

The tea pairing the Coco Citron had white peony, basil leaves, thyme and lavender.
I like thyme in roasted meat..but it was weird in tea. I didn’t like it when I took a sip before the cake arrived. But when I drank it after I had the cake, it strangely blended well. I guess it was a psychological effect in the beginning. I just find it weird to have thyme in tea.

2) Moon of Honey
Savore sponge cake enveloped in French spring blossom honey scattered with bursts of blood orange on top and all these seated on a short pastry.

It was a taste of happiness. When I took a morsel of it, I nodded in approval to the medley of flavours dancing in my mouth.

The tea to go with this was French apple and Spanish ginger. The bad news was honestly, I can’t taste the apple or ginger in the tea. I can’t tell what I was drinking but the good news was, it went pretty well with the cake anyway.

3) La Camibi – See previous review

4) San Domingue: 70% San Domingue chocolate with brittany biscuit at the bottom and top with a rum chocolate.
This looks incredibly sweet. But knowing Mad about Sucre by now, I know this will not be the case.

True enough, the chocolate was intense but not too sweet and surprise…surprise, this was not bitter either. Even non-chocolate lovers (like me) will find this pleasing.

This has banana in the centre but the banana taste was not strong (so that’s good news for non-banana lovers).

Each cake we ordered had us applauding. However,SC and me somewhat had the same sentiments. on the last cake, San Domingue. Instead of elevating the satisfaction level, San Domingue brought the satisfaction to a plateau. Compared to the rest of the cakes, I felt this fell a little short on expectations. It was good on its own but it didn’t quite stand out.  This appeared to be ordinary in relative to the other cakes,. To put it simply, it was good but not good enough for the standard we had set for Mad About Sucre. This is definitely not their best cake in my view.

The tea paired with San Domingue was green tea with mint and some spices.

I finally caved in by the end of the dessert session to get a piece of handcrafted dark chocolate of earl grey tea and bergamot (S$48). I couldn’t resist the word Earl Grey and the packaging.

While I like the slight bitterness of dark chocolate, there is a certain threshold of bitterness for me. The chocolate was just right in terms of that and it was infused with the intense flavour of earl grey tea and the aroma of bergamot. It nailed the spot for me, an earl grey tea lover!! So divine I couldn’t stop praising it on the Instagram.
I was in Earl Grey Tea heaven…

On a side note, the scene when we were there was hilarious. Each time, the folks at Mad About Sucre were explaining the ingredients of the cakes to us in Mandarin, there were numerous question marks popping off our heads and we’d be busy discussing the name of the ingredients amongst ourselves. Not that we do not understand Mandarin in general but it gets a lil’ tough when it comes to ingredients that we are not familiar with and have not come across frequently. By the 2nd or 3rd cake, we requested with a hint of embarrassment: Erm…can you please explain to us in English?

I have found the best solution (place) to satisfy my cravings for cakes, However, I realised I may have unwittingly created a new problem for myself as well. How can I casually eat cakes from elsewhere again from now onwards???!  My tastebuds have been spoilt by Mad About Sucre.

Same as Deb, my favourite cake remained as Le Camibi. But really, bring me any cake from Mad About Sucre and it will most likely delight me.


Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Rd, 088334
+ 65 6221 3969

Nearest MRT: Outram

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