Food review: The Daily Roundup

I came across The Daily Roundup recently and was excited when I saw their crepes. I love crepes!
It was my last brunch date with SC before she shifted to Hong Kong.

You know how claustrophobic new cafes are these days? Yes, rental is a killer on the small island of Singapore, I totally understand the financial pain. But when you are seated inches away from another table, it’s hard to rant comfortably about the boss your life when neighbouring tables are within earshot.

Speaking at a higher decibel to beat the high noise level in a tiny cafe can prove to be tiring as well. Also, a tiny cafe means limited seating capacity and you’re likely to have to queue if you arrive at peak hours (says who that queuing up is our national past time? Not mine for sure.)

The Daily Roundup is one of those cafes (a rarity these days) which boasts a spacious and airy interior. It is dimly lit with natural light streaming in if you are seated by the windows.
Very much the opposite of its bright and crowded neighbour, Luxe and in my opinion, in a good way. While the food in Luxe is a draw, the chic place has also grown to be a trendy place to be seen in. The Daily Roundup on the other hand, has a quiet and laidback charm which makes you feel at home where you don’t feel like anyone is watching you and you probably wouldn’t want to people watch either.

Honestly, I feel reluctant to share this little gem, unwilling to crowd up this place.

Wefie of our bags because I love the matching colour scheme!

Her half drank flat white

The tea selection was quite disappointing so I opted for cold drinks.
My “resort looking” Earl Grey Passionfruit iced tea ($7). Passonfruit taste has somewhat overpowered the Earl Grey Tea but I was happy with it still.

I’m in the wrong setting though. I should have been teleported to the pool side, sun bathing on a poolside lounge chair with sunglasses perched on my head, sipping my Earl Grey Passionfruit Iced Tea and nodding away to Kokomo (Okay..Stop gaffowing. Yah yah, that’s from my era. What do people listen to these days anyway?).

I’m always slightly taken aback when people know exactly what would make me tick and SC singled out the Earl Grey drink and this…the Yuzu Butter crepe to me..knowing I’d fall for it.

As a Yuzu fan, I was naturally excited to see Yuzu Butter Crepe (S$10) on the menu. As usual, when I see something I HAVE TO eat. I wouldn’t care what else will be ordered. I left the decision of the savoury crepes entirely to SC. I am oblivious to the rest of the orders, once I have had my fangs tightly on my prey i.e. the only one thing I want to eat.

The Yuzu Butter crepe was literally a piece of plain looking pancake with a thin slab of butter carelessly slapped on. Surely, heaven needs to have more splendour and fanfare right? Maybe some flower petals beautifully scattered over the pancake? Perhaps some sauce drizzled on the plate?

This was suppose to taste like heaven to me..but how could my heaven look so simple and plain? My world came crashing down. The little happy tune I was humming in my head while waiting for the highly anticipated plate of heaven fell flat and trailed off. S$10 for something that looked like I could easily replicate at home?? Ouch! (Psst…not that I have actually tried making crepes at home..but that’s another issue altogether, right?)

Mistake. Wrong Choice. I thought to myself. Skeptical but nevertheless, we proceeded to glaze the pancake with the butter.  With the now buttered up pancake glistening under the soft natural light, it did look slightly more promising.

Oh well, how was the first bite you wanted to know? First, were you persuaded by me and convinced too, when I spoke about how plain looking this pancake was and thus definitely wouldn’t taste good?  You did? Now, shame on you. How shallow! (like me actually. Ha).

This has the pleasant aroma of butter and lightly scented Yuzu fused together. The little happy tune started playing in my head again (…I am not a looney) and this time, it sang in unison with SC’s happy tune (I’m not too sure if she is a looney though?)  We were both feeling warm with happiness again as we chatted while savouring bites of the lovely crepe.
And that day, I was reminded again, a taste of heaven could come from something that looks so simple without frills.

The savoury crepe we ordered was Complete S$10 (Artisan ham, French comte cheese and egg sunny side up)

Perhaps because the Yuzu Butter crepes had already set a high standard so on comparison, this one felt average. Nothing to shout about. The slight bitter taste of the buckwheat was apparent but didn’t bother me too much though. I just felt that this was very ordinary even though it looked very instagram worthy. Such sacarsm, isn’t it? The one that looked simple tasted so much better than the one that looked pretty. as they say is full of ironies. And who would know you could actually learn about the meaning of life through crepes?

Date and toffee pudding with vanilla bean ice cream ($8)

We made the mistake of not requesting this to be served later. We were busy eating the crepes (and talking) so that by the time we had our attention on this, the neglected pudding was soaked in a pool of half-melted vanilla ice cream.

The first thing I want to commend? This is not cloyingly sweet. You know how I really hate having to electrocute and send my body into a state of sugar shock from heavily sweetened stuff? This has passed the basic sugar test for me. I also liked that the pudding was not dry. There was however a hard layer at the bottom of the pudding which we were not sure if it was burnt bits? Nonetheless, it didn’t exactly bother us since the layer was not awful to eat. This would have tasted way better if we had eaten it as soon as it arrived.

I’d want to go back to this cafe again because heaven (the yuzu butter crepe) beckons.

It will be a matter of time before The Daily Roundup “succumbs” and become a place to be seen too (trendy, IT place). I want nice cafes to stay around in the game but at the same time I dread to see them becoming crowded, ruining the “tranquility” of the cafe after becoming a victim to social media shoutouts.


The Daily Roundup

Address: 1 Keong Saik Road #01-02, The Working Capitol Singapore 089109

+65 6338 8035

Operating Hours: 8am – 8pm

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