Review: Café & Meal Muji

I arrived at the newly opened café  with my friend to find a queue of about 10 people. Surprisingly the wait was not too long or perhaps we were chatting and didn’t find the pain of waiting unbearable?

We both had the 3-deli set which offers the option of 1 hot deli + 2 cold deli + rice or bread (S$12.90).

There is another option of 4-deli set which comes with 2 hot deli + 2 cold deli + white rice or bread (S$16.90).


Our set did not include the ice matcha latte and the cake (these were ala carte order).


For the warm deli, I chose spinach chicken hamburger (healthy minced chicken chicken spinach patty served with sweet teriyaki sauce): I love this! The patty was not dry and while it was tasty, it was not salty.

My cold deli were

(i)  Vegetables omelette : It was rather bland but it seemed like a healthy dish. After all, it is the aim of the café to serve food as simply as possible to bring out the ingredient’s natural taste. However, I didn’t relish eating cold omelette. It just feels weird like I’m eating leftovers from the fridge. I’m not a fan of this.

(ii) Matcha Caesar salad: The salad was a sad picture of soggy vegetables. I couldn’t taste the matcha as well. Mistake. Wrong choice.


My friend chose Hokkaido Croquette for her warm deli which was nicely done!

Her cold deli choices were:

(i) Sakura chicken & picked salad with Yuzu Flavour : Refreshingly good!! Love this.

(ii) Prawn & Edamame salad with spiced mayo sauce (in the foreground): Satisfactory as well.


My Iced Matcha Latte (S$4.90) and her Yuzu Soda (S$5.90). Both were nice and I was surprised that the cafe’s matcha drink would turn out to be rather good.


The Earl Grey chiffon cake (S$5.40) which was too dense and the Earl Grey tea taste was lacking.

Overall, I like this place and yes, I need to head back.
After our dinner, we browsed at the Muji store. I bought a few things that I already had in mind but I also mentally drafted a list of things which I THINK I MAY NEED. Sigh..the frightening thing about being in Muji is that, I tend to start picking up random things and start to find reasons to convince myself I need them in my life!


Fill your tummy at the café, then lighten your purse at the store. Or.. the other way round. Either way,  you maintain some sort of balance.


Café & Meal Muji

Address: 290 Orchard Road, #04-36 to 40, Singapore 238859

Tel: +65 6735 0123

Operating hours: Mon- Sun, 10am to 9.30pm

Full menu available after 11pm, Last order at 8.45pm.

Nearest MRT: Orchard

Website: Café & Meal Muji

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