Fashion bytes: Marc Jacobs’ Unsmiley

Seriously, why do we have to smile for the world to see when we feel like crap inside? I say, just show ’em THAT face..

Here’s Marc Jacobs’ Unsmiley line for you. Take your pick from the sneaker, totes, crossbody bags and more. Choose how you want to channel the “bad vibes”.






(Picture credit: Marc Jacobs)

I like that you can show your bad attitude (albeit subtly) on days when things are not all bright and cheery..don’t we all have times when we want to do that? A little bad attitude that is harmless sounds like fun, no?

Maybe that could serve as a warning sign to other people as well: I’m in a bad mood. Don’t antagonise me!


Prices start from USD68. For more from this line, check out the  Marc Jacobs Unsmiley range



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