Fashion bytes: Cool As Marble

I was smitten the minute I saw the Balenciaga Nude Marble Mini All Afternoon. The tiny “marble” plate was subtle yet outstanding against the the pool of black. It’s uber chic.


For the men, how about the Marble traveller backpack?



And if you are a wrist taker, perhaps the bracelets?




If understated chic is not your style, make a statement with this “slab of marble”.



Or stay grounded with marbled sneakers…


(Picture credit for all Balenciaga items: Balenciaga)


Check out the Balenciaga link for other marble effect items.


Balenciaga is not the only fashion label to launch the icy cool marble series this season. Look what Charlotte Olympia has to offer as well..

Just when you thought the kitty shoes has been done to death with all the variations…here’s the kitty in an updated version of marble effect leather!

Miss Kitty looking cool in her new outfit!


Other styles are available as well.



(picture credit for all Charlotte Olympia items: Charlotte Olympia) 


Click Charlotte Olympia US Website  for more marble effect items.


My votes go to the Balenciaga Mini All Afternoon, the Balenciaga white marble bracelet and the Charlotte Olympia marble Kitty flats.

What are your choices? Time to get your marble soon?

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