Beauty: L’occitane

I’m not a beauty product junkie simply because I have given up hope on myself and believe it would be faster to get a plastic surgeon to fix all my issues!!! Ha!

But..but…if there are any skincare products I swear by, it has gotta be these two: sunblock and moisturiser.

I suffer from dry skin since young and thus started the habit of using moisturisers early. Although my diligence to keep my skin hydrated started off due to a genuine need (dry skin), I have also come to realise in recent years that well hydrated skin tend to appear younger compared to dryer skin.

I have thus developed a slight obsession to any hydrating products…body lotions ( I swear by Crabtree & Evelyn’s Goatmilk which they have since discontinued), face creams, face masks, hand creams, neck creams, facial hydrating mist…

I would also keep a set of body lotion, hand cream and facial mist in the office. You know how drying the skin can get, if you work in an air conditioned office for so many hours in a day?  A tube of hand cream in my bag is also a necessity. That’s why I love travel sized hand creams.

I’m mainly using hand creams from a couple of brands including L’occitane, although sometimes friends would gift me hand creams from other brands as well.


On a trip to the shop today, I got these 3 tubes of 30ml travel size hand cream and a bar of bath cube.


From right to left: Cherry Blossom (S$15), Almond (S$12) and Verbena (S$15)

Top: Rosemary Bath cube (S$4)

The bath cube will dissolve into the bath, perfuming the water with the scent. I chose the rosemary which came recommended by the sales lady as well. Honestly, I bought it because it looked so cute, like a small bar of chocolate!

Cherry Blossom hand cream is one of my usual buys.

As for the Almond hand cream, I was first captivated by the whimsical design. However, the light almond scent proved to be a pleaser. This is a limited edition hand cream collection designed by French artist, Soledad. The other limited edition design comes in the Verbena scent.

I am madly in love with the refreshing citrusy Verbana scent. I already have the Eau De Toilette spray (which is really great as a refreshen up after workouts) and a home spray (picture reference below). It was a matter of time, I add the Verbena hand cream to my collection.



To answer your bubble thought on the need for so many different scented hand creams at one go; well, just like my tea drinking habit, different mood calls for different scent (different tea blend in the case of tea drinking).


I’d probably try out their shea butter hand cream next time, apparently their best seller! For now, I shall resist buying more till I have finished my current ones.

The limited edition hand cream are now selling at 20% off online (Singapore website: L’OCCITANE) There is also free shipping if your order exceeds SGD100.

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