Review: Ice Edge Cafe

The highly popular cafe, Lola had a long queue forming, so my friend suggested Ice Edge which was located nearby as well. Tucked away from the main road, the friend led us up the little path where this gem was. Apart from being near to the packed Lola, there was no other tell tale signs from the sleepy neighbourhood that this cafe was crowded.

We already had our lunch at one of the coffeeshops nearby. So even though Ice Edge serves mains as well,  this visit was really just to fill our other stomach, the dessert tummy!!

We ordered a waffle with salted egg yolk ice cream and soursop pear ice cream to share. Like hungry vultures, we devoured it within minutes…

I like the waffles! Its crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
The salted egg yolk ice cream was not that good. It was more milky in taste rather than salty. I still like the one from Tom’s Palette (which I had tried long ago).

The soursop pear was the winner. It was refreshing and not sour. But honestly, how much of it taste like soursop, I wouldn’t know as I don’t take the soursop fruit at all.
I think the ice cream (at least the two that I had chosen) were average. However, I am not writing off this place yet. There is potential because they have a lot of interesting flavours. The display looks tempting already!

I really wanted to try the Earl Grey Tea but none of my friends were keen.

I’ll need to check out this place again.


Ice Edge Cafe

2 Kovan Rd, Singapore 548008

+ 65 6858 5729

Operating Hours: 12pm – 2pm

Nearest MRT: Kovan

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