Review: Lunch @ DSTLLRY

Used to really like Teppei’s Kaisendon / Barachirashi until I’ve tried the barachirashi by DSTLLRY. All thanks to a friend’s recommendation.

Btw, DSTLLRY is pronounced as “dis-ti-llery”.

Unique display of a restaurant.

I thought I was entering into a gallery when I stepped in.

Artistic photos taken by the owner, Andrew.

Lighting was really dim so no choice, more B&W pics coming up ?

Today’s Omakase menu

Nah, we didn’t had these for lunch. ?

Omakase is only available for dinner, 6.30pm and 8.30pm slot. Will probably do a separate post on its Omakase dinner.

The menu does look really yummy though!?

Here’s the lunch menu. ?

No service charge and No GST. Sounds good ?

Here’s the lunch menu with more details..

A music studio in a restaurant. So cool right!??

The owner Andrew is a music producer so that’s why. ?


Our lunch – none other than Barachirashi!??

Probably one of the best Barachirashi I’ve tried. It’s even better than Teppei which is more on the salty side.

Look at the onsen egg with ponzu sauce, truffle oil and fried wanton skin.. Love how the truffle oil worked its wonder in this combi ??

Enough said…This is simply too good. It’s my first time trying this, guess this shall be my staple from now onwards?


If you are not into raw food, don’t fret. You can always opt for the Wagyu Beef Don as well as the Unagi Don. My bro tried the Wagyu Beef Don and had the verdict that this is the best among all.

Verdict for the Unagi Don is delectable as well.

This pretty much sums up our satisfying lunch at DSTLLRY, will certainly be back again.


Till next time. ?



21 Media Circle

#01-01 Infinite Studios

Singapore 138562

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