Review: HOT (House of Taste)

A new cafe that is only a few months old.

My friend had cold pesto pasta in a jar ($10 with a cup of tea).
If you’re not old school and must insists on pasta served on a plate, then you shouldn’t dislike this. The taste is pretty good.


I had two mini sandwiches ($6 for a mini sandwich with tea then add on $4 for another mini sandwich). I actually like this idea of mini sandwiches because it means I get to try out different flavours. I’m greedy and like to try different things at one time but unfortunately, I don’t have 4 stomachs like a cow (Psst..I only have two. One for mains, one for dessert!) , hence such mini food items is perfect for me!


The duck rillette tasted a tad gamey.. a little like eating liver.

That said, I could manage the whole sandwich after getting used to the strong taste. Not something I am totally in love with though.



The salmon cheese sandwich was rather normal.


The Earl Grey tea was pretty lousy though. Eeeks.

Whilst food was not fantastic, I think it’s good enough for a quick bite. For the people working in the CBD area, wrestling and jostling with hordes of people just to find a seat for lunch is a daily battle to fight. Thus, the idea of new food joints is always welcoming !

PS: If you sit at one of the hightop tables that face out of the cafe, it sorta feels like one of those sidewalk cafes where you can people watch, nibble on your food and chat with your friends. Not a shabby idea really.


HOT (House of Taste)

138 Market Street
#01-04 CapitaGreen
Singapore 048946

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