Review: Luxe Singapore

The Sydney based cafe made its foray into our shores with a space at Keong Saik Street.

Within 3 weeks, I have visited Luxe twice, where I have tried two of their brunch items and a few lunch items.

You know, they always say first impression counts? I swear, love started building up, the minute I walked in.
If this is a piece of garment hanging on the rack, I’d be taking it off the rack and squealing to you: This is so my styleeee!!!

The cafe boosting a contemporary and clean decor.

Since 2 weeks ago, I’ve been looking forward to the second brunch date with one of my trusty cafehopping buddy, SC. It’s lovely to have a catchup  where we could gossip talk about the going-ons in our life and ahem, occasionally to discuss about the world affairs as well. Don’t we all need friends like that to keep us sane?

However, I have THREE other reasons for the highly anticipated visit.

First, Oh, I just want to eat the Merryberry ricotta hotcakes again.

Second, Hey, I really want to eat the Merryberry ricotta hotcakes.

Third, please please…I badly want to eat the Merryberry ricotta hotcakes.

Actually, here’s a fourth, Oh Drat, I HAVE to eat the Merryberry ricotta hotcakes!!! GET THIS in my life right NOW!! *Hysterical*



1st Brunch item: Earl grey tea (S$5) with MerryBerry Ricotta hotcakes (S$18 or S$20. See * at end of this entry).

I used to think you can’t go too wrong with Earl Grey tea until I have tried some really awful ones lately. Hence, I was elated that day to sip a cup of Earl Grey Tea that was satisfactory.

I happily skipped into the cafe that morning, only to find SC late for the date (but that’s another story between us. I’m not in favour of public shaming…yet). However,  I was all good on my own waiting simply because this pretty plate of hotcakes lifted my happiness index by a few notches!!

Awww…Does the picture not put you in a happy mood or stir up feelings of love?? In fact, just the name of the hotcakes puts one in a cheery mood already.

You disagree? hey, you cold being! You must be allergic to happy vibes. Tsk tsk.

These days, you don’t always get something that looks nice and taste good at the same time right? This one swims against the tide. It’s as good as it looks.

The ricotta hotcake does not taste cheesy. Unlike the traditional hotcake which has a sponge like interior, the ricotta cheese hotcake is smooth and moist on the inside.

The crunchy bits sprinkled on the hotcake provided a nice bite. The berries were not too sweet either. Overall, the Merryberry hotcake aced in both the visual and taste department for me.

2nd Brunch item: Our scrambled eggs with Sourdough Toast & Butter (S$13) with added sides of sautéed mushrooms with tartufo oil (S$4) (i.e. truffle oil) and roasted tomato with chilli oil (S$4).

Mistake. Wrong Choice. I didn’t like the tomatoes with chilli oil because it just tasted like,  well, tomatoes drizzled generously with chilli oil?  It was too greasy and the combination was rather odd. The two items didn’t seem to go well. SC said it tasted better placing the tomatoes atop the bread and eating it together.
The mushroom was nice with a slight hint of truffle. Then again.I guess you can’t go too wrong with sautéed mushroom?
I’m not a fan of sourdough in general. But oh…the sourdough from Luxe! It was luxuriously airy.



Here’s half a portion of sausage roll S$18 (pork and fennel with salad).

The crust was crispy and buttery. The filling was moist and flavourful but a tad salty by my standard.

Luxe burger S$28 (grass fed beef, cheese, house-made pickles, lettuce and fries)

Bread was soft and fluffy. Beef patty was not well done so I suspect some folks might be put off by the pinkish redness of the meat.
Fries were just okay to me but I must qualify that I am not into fries to begin with (Yah..and to answer your query, I am not a migrant from another planet. I just happened to be the 1 in a centillion earthling who does not like fries. How rare is that right?). And back to the burger. The dressing in the burger was a wee bit spicy. The slight spiciness might be magnified a few times for kids though. So do take note if you want to feed little people this burger.

Sakura Chicken $32 (half bird roasted with honey and Turmeric)

Chicken was tasty and the bonus? The breast meat was not dry.

These are pandan madeleines coconut jam. (2 for S$8. We ordered two servings).

I’m happy with the madeleines but didn’t think the pandan jam was fragrant enough? SC however love this.

Prices are on the high side and the menu can be limited (but like I always say, it’s the quality that matters more?).

There’s not much of selection on mains for kids as well (the prawn spaghetti is spicy and cannot be made non spicy unless you do away with the sauce totally, the burger is a tad spicy as well. Now, that’s two down from the mains of 6).

Notwithstanding the above, Luxe is my go-to cafe for now.


* Price on the Merryberry hotcakes: On my first visit, it was S$18 and stated so in the menu. On my second visit, I was charged S$20 but I didn’t check if the menu price had been adjusted. So I’m not sure if I was charged wrongly or the price had been revised.


Luxe Singapore
1 Keong Saik Road #01-04
Singapore 089109

Tel: +65 6221 5615

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