Review: Mulberry Blossom Pochette

The pochette from the Mulberry Blossom range is a nifty 4-in-1 little bag. It could be used as a wristlet, as a pouch in a bigger bag, as a clutch (if the straps are all removed) or as a crossbody bag. Don’t we all love the idea of making our money stretch a little further? 

It currently comes in 4 colours: Hibiscus (red), Sea Blue, Mandarin and this Jungle Green.


The signature Mulberry Tree logo is perforated on the front of the bag. In smooth calf leather but with protective coating, the bag appears to be water resistant. It does look like it may show up scratches easily. I have used it a couple of times without taking care of it too much and so far, it is scratch free (keeping fingers crossed though).

While it does not have additional compartment inside, it has 3 credit card slots.


The versatility of the bag lies in the detachable short strap for it to be used as a wristlet and the detachable longer strap to be slung over the shoulder or to be used as a crossbody bag (Both straps are adjustable as well).


The bag feels virtually weightless. Even fully packed, the bag does not weigh down on your shoulders.

The bag looks very tiny but could pack in more than I had thought. I could fit these in comfortably and zip up the bag with no difficulties:

Iphone 5S, a pack of tissue, a lipstick (2 would be okay as well), passport (the one pictured with black cover) and a small card/coins purse (the Louis Vuitton Zippy coin purse) . If you have a less bulky card/coin purse, you will definitely free up more space in the bag.

IMG_0798    IMG_0795

If I remove the passport, I could slot in a small compact camera.


The pochette retails at around 275pounds on the mulberry website. 

Measurements of the bag:

Height: 11cm: Width:  18cm; Depth:  6.5cm

Longest strap length: 125cm

Shortest strap length: 115cm

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