Perth & Western Australia: Swan Valley

1) Caversham Wildlife Park

I knew the kids would enjoy Caversham Wildlife Park and I would to for two reasons: interacting with kangaroos and cuddling a koala (or so I thought).

We arrived later than intended. I had actually planned for lunch elsewhere because I had read mostly negative reviews on this cafe. Nevertheless, to save time, we decided to be brave and lunched at the Village Cafe situated in the park itself.

Our chicken avocado sandwich which wasn’t shabby at all! In fact, we found this really good! Perhaps I was just lucky to have picked the right item?


After lunch, we wasted no time in exploring the Caversham Wildlife Park. Set aside at least 4-5 hours here if your kids love animals. They have animal shows at designated timing as well.


The kids love this place. We could feed and interact freely with the Kangaroos, touch a snake (ok, not my idea of fun but the two dare devil kids love it), take a picture with a wombat, watch farm shows and milk a cow.

Kangaroo and Joey.


I was pretty excited about cuddling a Koala and taking a wefie with them but ended up being disappointed when we could only pat the koala (and only designated ones). We were not allowed to cuddle them as the koalas might turn aggressive.



2) Mondo

A friend requested me to buy Mondo nougats and 30mins before its closing, I managed to rush in for some Nougat shopping! Mondo was started in 1989 by Italian migrants and started as producer and retailers of Italian style patisserie. Due to overwhelming demand, Mondo started to focus mainly on nougats later on.

Display in the shop.


I like their soft nougats in cherry, lemon and cappuccino flavours! They seem to only have these flavours in individual packs: vanilla, cappuccino and chocolate. The rest of the flavours come in mixed flavour packs.

Morish Nuts (Stall 99) in Fremantle Market also carries Mondo Nougats but I realised they do not carry the whole range.

I’ve not visited this outlet but Morish Nuts outlet at Watertown Perth also retails Mondo Nougats and The House of Honey products.


3) The House of Honey / Sticky Spoon Cafe

Another stop we managed to rush in was The House of Honey. 

What’s the buzz about? Their honey drink is rather popular.
I tried both Sparkling Honey drink and Sparkling Honey & Ginger drink. The latter won hands down. I bought a bottle of this (AUD8.95) to drink in the hotel and it was so refreshing!  

Honey cake again, this time from the Sticky Spoon cafe! Supplied by the same people at Fremantle Market. However, I don’t know why this piece wasn’t as astoundingly good as the one I had back in Fremantle market.


I’ve heard the honey ice cream range was good as well but I didn’t have the chance to try it.  The shop also retails a range of honey products from different flavour of raw honey to beewax candle to beauty products. It would be enjoyable to browse if we had the time.


4) Ciao Italia

I’ve heard from a few people that I’ve got to eat this when I am in Perth.
I was still skeptical. However, I made an effort to reschedule my itinerary just so that we could try this.

We’ve been cautioned by friends that portions are big so we ordered two pastas for 4 of us (2 adults 2 kids) to share.


The queue was horrendous and since we stay 8 mins drive away from the eatery, we decided to do a takeout for our dinner.. Pictures don’t do justice to this Marinara (AUD33.50). Don’t believe in my pictures!


It was good. Really delicious! Fresh seafood chunks and tasty pasta sauce. We love the taste of the pasta sauce so much. Thumbs up!


Again, not the best picture. Fettuccine in Ciao Italia style (creamy white wine sauce and chicken strips) (AUD29.50)


This pales in comparison to the Marinara but that was because the Marinara was too good. The Ciao Italia Fettucine was good on its own, creamy but not heavy.

While in the eatery, I saw someone ordering the tiramisu which looked palatable as well.The chilli mussels on another table was also calling out to me. Next time next time…I’ll savour all these.
Worth mentioning is the service. It was like a madhouse inside the eatery. Servers were scurrying to the kitchen and then swinging by tables to serve the food, tables were cramped up against each other, it was full house, there was not much standing space…I could imagine how easily frustrated it would be for the service staff. But nope..every service staff I encountered was polite and with a smile. I was seriously so impressed. Kudos to people like that who make a difference in the service industry!


1) Caversham Wildlife Park (Click link for information)


2) Mondo Nougat


640 Great Northern Hwy, Herne Hill WA 6056, Australia

Tel: +61 8 9296 0111

Opening Hours:

Mon:  Closed
; Tues- Fri: 8am-5pm
; Sat- Sun: 9:30am-5pm


3) House of Honey


867 Great Northern Highway (Corner of River Road)
Herne Hill, WA 6056

Tel: +61 8 9296 3635

Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Sunday 10:00am to 5:00pm.

Public Holidays 10:00am to 5:00pm.


4) Ciao Italia


273 Mill Point Rd, South Perth WA 6151, Australia

Tel: +61 8 9296 0111

Opening Hours:

Sun & Mon:  Closed
; Tues-Fri: 5pm-10pm

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