Perth & Western Australia: Margaret River Region (1 of 3)

We drove further down south from Busselton to the Margaret River Region.

First Stop was at the town, Yallingup.

1) Yallingup Shearing shed

Kiddos will love this place! Actually, I kind of enjoyed it here too.

Feeding of Sheep (free food that comes with admission tickets)


Shearing demonstrations. I have to confess I cringed a little while watching though. It seems like the skin of the sheep would be cut but these professionals know what they are doing.


Bottle feeding lambs


Sheepdog demonstrations


Watch how the border colllie rounds up the sheep..


Overall, the show was very good as the audience were kept engaged with his wry sense of humour. Most of the kids and some adults were also involved to help out.

The Shearing Shed also has a fashion store selling wool related products. I like that most of the pieces are in plain solid colour. I loathe it when those gloves, beanies etc sold locally are in shocking colours or have weird or over the top designs. It’s just so hard to find sensible and classic coldwear. I bought a pair of kids size woollen gloves (AUD17) and a pair of woollen tights (AUD37)at the store which saved my life for the next few days when weather got rainy and freezing.


2) Little Fish.

We had lunch at a lovely lakehouse.  Picture does not do justice to the actual view.


When we drove down the path (on the left) and saw the view…I couldn’t stop exclaiming how beautiful it was.



Most of the seats were indoor with a few tables for outdoor seating overlooking the lake.

The interior is mainly of woodworks so it gives off a very warm cozy feeling. The place is spacious and airy with natural light streaming in.

Service was very good and they were honest. When we asked the server if we should order a serving for the two kids to share or to have each kid take one serving, he advised us to let them share as portion is huge. He also cautioned us that the marinara was a tad spicy and that he would not add the spices. They also very sweetly divided the food and served in two portions without us asking. It really saved us some energy and time to divide the food on our own!

I also like that this place provides kids colouring sheet to keep the kids occupied.

My very lovely grilled calamari with sundried tomatoes, creamy white wine sauce, basil pesto and rice (AUD19). This is the entree but enough for me to eat.


I love this. Very light but still flavourful. It feels like a healthy but delicious meal.

The kids had penne marinara (AUD35)  (not from the Children’s menu) which we felt was rather average. Perhaps it was because they did not put in some spices to make it kids friendly so the taste was somewhat lacking.


It may be a tad pricey, however, they were generous with the seafood which were fresh to boot. There were huge chunks of fish that we struggled to help the kids finish up.

The mister had grilled fish (AUD29) which was simple and no frills but nonetheless tasty, moist and fresh.


Overall, we had a good meal here. Do note that portion here is rather big. Also, kid’s menu is available.


3) Cape Lavender Teahouse

This quaint cafe is a lavender lover’s dream come true and will make any cafe hopper happy as well.


Everything is lavender and purple.


Homemade Lavender scone (lavender, plain or savoury) with lavender jam and double cream (AUD5.75) with a huge pot of lavender tea for two (AUD7.50). Even the cutlery has lavender motif.


I was pretty full from lunch and considering we came here straight after lunch, I’m amazed how I could have eaten this scone mostly on my own.
Scone was a big piece and it was unlike any type of scone I had eaten before. Instead of the usual crumbly and somewhat dry scones we are used to eating, this scone is very thick (or should I call it tall?) and has a soft fluffy interior. Scone was not dry with a soft bread like texture. Lavender taste was subtle in the scone and in the jam. I like that the jam is not too sweet.
Even the mister was sold on the scone even though this is totally not his kind of food.

We also discovered that it taste really good to smear some lavender ice cream on each bite of scone!

I was also delighted to see fresh lavender as I’ve only seen dried ones so far!

The scone was too good…TOO GOOD. I wish I could bake a scone like that.

We washed down the lovely scone with lavender tea which was light and pleasant until nearing the end of the tea session when the lavender flavour was too intense to bear with.

Another highlight.. Lavender ice cream!! In a cone or a in bowl (AUD6) made by a famous local creamery, Millers.



I personally love did the hub and the two kids. I maybe bias because I love lavender flavour/scented food. For non-lavender fan, be warned that the lavender taste is rather strong in the ice cream. It could make you feel like you’re licking body lotion or hand cream off the cone or bowl.

The cafe also has sections selling lavender cutlery and lavender skin care products.


Non-lavender fans need not worry as the cafe serves non-lavender food items and teas as well. Do yourself a favour if you are in the Margaret River region, go try their scones!

It was a relaxing tea session at Cape Lavender Cafe.


4) Millers 

One of the two famous ice cream shops (the other being Simmos which I unfortunately did not get to try) in the Margaret River region. Millers ice cream is handmade and uses milk from its own cow farm.

I tried the supposedly good mascaphone and wild fig. Whilst the ice cream was creamy and smooth, we find the taste very ordinary and too sweet. Love the lavender ice cream they supplied to Cape Lavender but this one unfortunately is thumbs down.



5) Margarets Forrest

My base for the next 3 nights was at Margarets Forrest where I travel out everyday to the towns in this region.

I booked a 2 bedroom spa which was a two storey service apartment with the usual amenities (washing machine, dryer, kitchenette etc) that comes with two bedrooms and a spa tub.


Furnishings were a lillte tired looking but still passable by my standards.


The receptionist was really helpful when we had problems topping up our data plan.

I really like the location as well. Right smack in the centre of town, near to supermarkets like woolsworth (where I fulfilled my Tim Tam orders from friends!) and IGA, a handful of eateries (some of which do open till later hours), tourist information centre and even a hospital. Margaret River Bakery is also right opposite with a patrol station nearby. Some people told me, living 15 mins drive away from town would be fine too. However, I prefer not to even have to drive the so called 15 mins to buy breakfast as its just opposite!

If you live out of town, all you ever get are likely dark roads without street lamps. Its basically very secluded elsewhere. If you need help in anything, perhaps you have to try talking to a lost sheep or a lone cricket.
So thats my two cents worth of advice. Stay near civilization. You don’t know when you need them.


1) Yallingup Shearing shed


1442 Wildwood Rd, Yallingup WA 6282, Australia
Tel: +61 8 9755 2309

Opening Hours:

10am to 4pm

Mon- Wed, Sat & Sun show: 11am No shows & shearing on Thur/Fri & August.

Fashion Store open daily.


Adult $12, Kids $6 includes free food for the pet sheep prior to the show at 11am.

Bookings not essential.


2) Little Fish 


1/4 Koorabin Drive

Cnr Gunyulgup Drive Yallingup, WA 6281, Australia

Tel: +61 8 9755 2455

Opening Hours:

Tues- Sat: Lunch & Dinner; Sun: Dinner; Closed on Mon

Check with restaurant on operating hours.

Sun: Dinner

3) Cape Lavender Cafe 


2 Canal Rocks Road, Yallingup WA 6282

Tel: +61 8 9756 6609

Opening Hours:



4) Millers Ice Cream

1) 140 Bussell Highway, Margaret River

2) ‪314 Wirring Road, Cowaramup, Western Australia 6284

Tel: +61 8 9755 9850

 Opening Hours:

Open daily 10.30am to 5.15pm


5) Margarets Forrest


96 Bussell Highway, Margaret River, WA, 6285, Australia
Tel: +61 8 97587188

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