Perth & Western Australia: Margaret River Region (3 of 3 )

1) Cape Leeuwin

Regrettably, it was a gloomy and wet day when we visited Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.
However, the coastal road we drove to the lighthouse was a beautiful sight to behold.

The draw of this place is not just because I thought it would look good in pictures (who would have known it would turn out to be a gloomy sky as backdrop? But that is another story). The fact that this place is at the most south western tip of Australia and is the witness to the meeting point of the two oceans (Southern Ocean and Indian Ocean) sounds impressive already and became a compelling reason for me to visit.


Can you tell where is the meeting point? There is an imaginary line that divides the two oceans which changes due to factors such as weather and tide etc. I’ve read that it may be possible to see that line on some occasions.


I can’t see the line. You may want to snigger at me but to stand there and scrutinise, then imagining I have already witnessed the meeting of the two oceans is a mighty act. Seriously, it could have been a case that I actually DID SEE it, but I just didn’t know I really did right?  That somewhat felt like an accomplishment already. *Self Deceit*

The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse, stands 39 metres high from ground level and 56 metres above sea level. In the summer, the stark white Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is said to stand in contrast against the bright blue sky as if it is glowing.


You could climb up the lighthouse but a guided tour is necessary. I would have done the climb but with two insane kids in tow, I decided to do myself a favour and just be contented with roaming on the grounds of the lighthouse.


There is a cafe and retail shop at the lighthouse precinct where you could grab light meals and browse around.


2) The Berry Farm

A rather popular cafe but I think we ordered the wrong dishes.

It was chilly and drizzling so I wanted to have a warm cup of tea. Raspberry and lime (Abnout AUD3.80 or 4.80) sounded like a rather unique blend.

A tad sourish because of the berries but pretty refreshing.



They are famous for scones, boysenberries pies and beef & red wine pies. But I didn’t feel like having any of these on that day. To put it simply, it was not a “pie day” for me.

The kids each had a serving of this turkish bread which was rather good but not comparable to the one we had at Jesters Flat (they got it from Kappadokia Kebabs and Turkish Bakery)


The hub’s oven baked barramundi with jacket potatoes and garden salad (AUD27).


The hub likes this but I thought it was just average. Not awful really but nothing to shout about either.

I was clueless what to order so the hub got the tandoori with seasonal vegetables for me (AUD22.50)


I thought the tandoori taste was quite good. However, it would have been nice if there was some seafood or meat inside as well. Somehow It just felt boring to be chomping down vegetables all the way.  The hub didn’t really like this.

Being very full from the lunch (we couldn’t even finish it because the portion was rather big) did not stop me from ordering their famous scones for takeout. Maybe I didn’t do it justice by warming up before I ate it later on…but while the berry jam was pretty good, the scones were very average to me. In a heartbeat, I’d still say yes to those delish scones from the Cape Lavender cafe!!

The cafe has excellent service! Staff were friendly and always seen with a smile. The counter staff that day was particularly jovial.
The cafe is like a nice little cottage with a small garden of flowers/fruits and an outdoor playground.
It also houses the Cellar Door where delectable products produced on the farm such as jams, dressings etc can be bought.

Food didn’t quite match my expectations but I’m not writing it off. I’d go again if I have the chance.


3) Sunflowers Animal Farm

This is the place for kids to pat, feed (feed comes at additional costs) and interact with farm animals.  You’d be able to hold chicks, lambs, rabbits and guinea pigs. Bottle feeding of lambs and small cows are available at designated timing as well.




Compared to Caversham Wildlife Park in Swan Valley which we also visited, this animal farm pales in comparison. They do however showcase rather different animals.

However, if you are in the Margaret River region and will not visit any other animal farm or wildlife park elsewhere, then you may still want to pop by. I think younger children like 5 years old and below would better enjoy this farm.


4) Settlers Tavern

A friend highly recommended this eatery to me and since we had no other plans for dinner, we decided to give it a go. This place adjourns to a pub and serves mainly pub grub.

Not intending to sound ungrateful but it was a case of: Mistake, Wrong Choice.

Perhaps my friend raved too much about it and raised my expectations bar.

The hub’s fish burger which he said was just an ordinary tasting piece of fried fish chuck in between the bread.


My calamari, prawns and fish (AUD18) which I cringed upon the first bite. Too salty!!

I have reached my three weeks worth of salt intake from this meal alone.


It’s not a place I would want to go back, nor would I recommend it to anyone.

Food portion is huge though and if value for money is the draw for you, may want to check out this place afterall.


1) Cape Leeuwin/Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse


Leeuwin Rd, Augusta WA 6290, Australia

Tel: +61 8 9780 5911

Opening Hours:

  • Lighthouse grounds: 9:00am – 4:30pm, last entry to the grounds 4:45pm
  • Climb the tower (every 40 minutes): 9.00am, 9:40, 10:20, 11:00, 11:40, 12:20pm, 1:00, 1:40, 2.20, 3:00, 3:40, 4:20pm

Lighthouse ground: site entry: 8.45am to 4.45pm (closes at 5pm)


Child $5, Adult $8 (Comes with audio guide)

Climb the lighthouse guided tours: 9am to 4pm Book in advance: Child $13 Adult $20


2) The Berry Farm


43 Bessell Rd, Rosa Glen WA 6285

Tel: +61 89 757 5054

Opening Hours:

Open 7 Days
Cellar Door 10am to 4.30pm
Cottage Café 10am to 4.00pm
(Lunch 11.30am – 3.00pm)
Bookings essential on weekends and holidays.


3) Sunflowers Animal Farm


5561 Caves Rd, Margaret River WA 6285, Australia
Tel: +61 8 9757 3343

Opening Hours:

9am to 5pm

Bottle feeding 10am and 4pm

Café Serves Simmons ice cream



Feed: $3 per bucket


4) Settlers Tavern


114 Bussell Highway, Margaret River WA, 6285
Tel: +61 8 9757 2398

Opening Hours:

Monday–Friday: 11am- 12am
Saturday: 10am-12am
Sunday: 11am-10pm

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