Perth & Western Australia Free & Easy

Most people lump all the cities/towns in Western Australia with Perth and term it as Perth. Strictly speaking, Perth City is the capital state of Western Australia whereas places like Margaret River and Fremantle etc lies outside of Perth and are not part of Perth City. Hence, my suggested itinerary is for Western Australia which includes Perth City.

Before travelling, do consider the following:

1) Visa: If you are not a citizen of Australia or New Zealand, then you will need to apply for a visa to travel there. You can apply for visa online from different sources. I got mine from JA Travel.

2) Getting Around:

(i) Within Perth City Centre, there are free CAT buses. Check this link for timetable and detailed information Perth Transport .

(ii) Self Drive with rented cars from Hertz, Avis or Bayswater etc. We were considering Bayswater and Hertz as Bayswater is cheaper. However, we decided to go with Hertz car rental because the rented car dropoff point was nearer to the Airport and within walking distance. Cars from Hertz said to be relatively new as well. Also, you may want to find out if parking is free in the hotel you are staying in.


Sample Itinerary (8D 7N)

Day 1: Perth City

Day 2: Drive to Busselton (abt 2.5 hours drive south of Perth City). Overnight stay at Busselton (optional but we prefer to break up the journey and not to drive in the dark).

Day 3- Day 5: Travel within Margaret River region for the next few days (about 30mins drive from Busselton).

Day 6: Fremantle (about 3 hours drive from Margaret River back towards Perth direction. Fremantle lies about 30mins drive, south of Perth).

Overnight in Fremantle (you can also choose to drive back to Perth and stay in Perth City overnight)

Day 7: Swan Valley (about 50mins drive from Fremantle or 30mins drive from Perth)

Day 8: Perth City



– When planning your itinerary, bear in mind that most eateries/shops close at 4 or 5pm. Some even close on Sundays.

– Most places out of Perth City are not brightly lit so avoid driving when night falls as visibility can be a challenge.

– Some people say 1 day is enough for Perth City, 2 days are enough for Margaret River, half a day is enough for Fremantle. However, it very much depends on what you want to see, how much you want to cover. It depends on each traveller’s profile as well. For example, people with kids may have a slower pace and hence need more time at one place.  As you research and read up more, you will get a better feel of the place. Go with your instincts. If you think a place warrants more time, then go ahead. End of the day, a free & easy trip must serve its purpose. It is supposed to be highly customised to your own travel needs.

Happy Planning and travelling!



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