My cafe hopping buddy SC came back to Singapore for a short visit and together with another friend, we went for …what else but a little cafe trip. Matcha Green tea cake $5.80 Matcha Latte Flat white I didn’t try my friends’ matcha latte and flat white. Expresso Kalua Waffle […]

20F Specialty Coffeehouse

I’ve had a very satisfactory meal in Nobu Perth (read HERE for review) and now, Japanese style afternoon tea? How cool! Even when my schedule was tight, I struck off a couple of afternoon tea places just to slot in this one. It was a gloomy and foggy day but nonetheless, […]

Afternoon tea at Nobu- Hong Kong

I stumbled upon this shop and like a little kid who unintentionally uncovered a stash of tidbits hidden somewhere, I was ecstatic and couldn’t believe my good luck. In all honesty and nothing but the truth, many times I have clarified this to people,  I’m not a Hello Kitty fan..I’m […]

Hello Kitty Obrigado- Macau

Overlooking the Senado Square, housed in a row of shophouses and with the L’occitane retail shop below, sits the L’Occitane cafe on the second level. When I saw the verbena tea in the menu, the decision was obvious. Verbena is the the L’occitance scent which I have been intoxicated with […]

L’occitane cafe (Macau)

I was expecting to see cute disney characters adorning the restaurant and was surprised to find the restaurant decor rather classy. The draw for me here is the Disney Special DIm Sum Lunch. This, despite the fact that I have mostly read negative feedback on the taste. There was one […]

Crystal Lotus (Disneyland Hotel)

I was talking to a friend about the food I had in Hong Kong and the conversation was steered towards beef brisket. He said he has been very loyal to the beef brisket by this one place until it was closed down. But you know they always say, when God […]

Kau Kee Restaurant (九记牛腩) – Hong Kong

A dessert place that hails from Japan. This was not in my list and was a spontaneous suggestion from SC when we passed by. I have no objections at all, in fact I was more than eager to try because guess what I saw? Matcha, nuff’ said. The Hayashi Assorted […]

Kyo Hayashiya (京林屋)- Hong Kong

Michelin one starred restaurant (per Michelin Guide 2015) that’s known for their wanton noodles. I was in a congee mood. So I ordered a pig innards congee instead of their noodles. The congee was smooth and fine. It sorta glides down your throat. Then again, isn’t this typical of most […]

Ho Hung Kee (何洪記粥麵專家)- Hong Kong

Hong Kong is synonomous with food such as dim sum, wanton noodles, smooth Cantonese style congee, ice milk tea and also this…roast goose. I’ve tried the famed Yung Kee years ago and wasn’t quite impressed with both the taste and the price. This time, I was searching for a new place […]

Yat Lok Roast Goose (一乐烧鹅)- Hong Kong

As a hardcore matcha fan, I’ve been wanting to try this popular dessert place on IG, known most notably for its matcha desserts. I first visited Via Tokyo with SC for supper while the hub and the tiny people were in lala land.  Don’t you mommies just love girls’ night out..well, […]

Via Tokyo- Hong Kong

I’ve never been a fan of parfait. Too complicated (and usually too sweet) for me but weirdly, the parfaits I’ve had in Hong Kong were pretty acceptable to me. SC’s choice of Yuzu Matcha Anmitsu Parfait. Lovely…very refreshing with the Yuzu. The matcha softserve however could not match up to […]

I cremeria- Hong Kong

After dinner, Sc and me went for fruit tea at this Taiwan style cafe and eatery. I forgot the exact names of our order but basically this mixed fruit tea is really soaking a jug full of fruits in tea or fruit juice. One of which actually just tasted like […]

TeaWood (茶木)- Hong Kong

We stepped in, sat down, looked up at the walls where the menu was pasted and then suddenly this turned into one of those difficult moments you face in life….choosing the toppings. This place specialises in cart noodles* with reportedly 25 ingredients for you to choose from as toppings. *Cart […]

Wing Kee Noodles (榮記粉麵)- Hong Kong

This place specialises in octopus as the Chinese name suggests. The small people (my kiddos!) had the basic octopus balls noodles which looked so plain. I opted for the 紫菜墨三鲜粉 (basically with 3 ingredients: the balls, the octopus and the seaweed). Note that the portion was pretty big. The soup […]

Man Fai (文辉墨鱼丸大王)- Hong Kong

This came highly recommended by a friend before I went over to Hong Kong. Their specialty? Cheese noodles. This is cheese noodles with grilled pork neck. Basically instant noodles, topped with copious amount of cheese. This sounded pretty gimmicky to me but honestly, it was fairly nice. In fact, you […]

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles (新記餐厅) – Hong Kong